Why are the Maltese so competitive? (BBC Travel)

Valletta, Malta -- There is a competitive nature that courses through Malta so raw and unbridled that it’s written into the skyline of its capital, Valletta, and permeates across all walks of life on the archipelago. I’m talking about pika – a Maltese word that roughly means ‘a neighbourly rivalry’, but is one of those terms that feels like a fool’s errand when foreigners try to interpret it.

Jordan Trail: A trek through history via ancient villages and wild wadis (CNN Travel)

Amman, Jordan -- Picture the Appalachian Trail in the United States, or the Camino de Santiago in Spain. Then draw a route through more than 10,000 years of history, covering Neolithic ruins, Biblical sites, one of the New 7 Wonders of the World, and russet landscapes that wouldn't look out of place on Mars. That's the Jordan Trail, and only a slice of it.

The case for traveling to ‪#‎NorthKorea‬

My decision to visit North Korea was reflex. It was 2007, I was a young (and quite skinny) English teacher in Seoul, and tours over the 38th parallel were becoming popular. The seaside town of Gumgangsan, located a 40-minute drive over the DMZ on the eastern coast, was receiving rafts of slick tour buses from …

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An immigrant story from the son of an immigrant country

Last weekend I visited the home that my father grew up in. The slope-side building in Bogota's historic district of La Candelaria is a "hippie" hostel today. In the room that was once occupied by my family, a small TV entertains languid backpackers spread out on mats across the tiled floor. The ceiling is about …

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