Victory Monument

I have finally settled in to my accommodation in Bangkok. I am now located at Victory Monument which is a short skytrain ride from Chulalongkorn University. The room has a breathtaking view and is located in a rather “Thai” part of town. There are few farang and I have found myself mingling with more and more Thai’s before and after class.

The weather here might take a bit to get aquianted with. The tremendous heat is only accentuated by the smell of roasting duck and motorcycle soot. This are common greetings on my commute to class. It is the end of rainy season and about once a day it will monsoon for 30 minutes. Oddly enough I find myself enjoying this chance to breathe some fresh air as the water provides a quick scrub down of the city.

Everyday I encounter something new in this city. Today a cab driver tried to sell me prostitutes and proceeded to hand me a brochure filled with about thrity naked Thai women. He proposed, “Any girl you want. Only nueng pan ha roy.” 1500 baht, or about 40usd.

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