Asia’s Strangest Food

This week I published a top 10 list with about the strangest food I’ve encountered in Asia. When it was published, however, my photos weren’t used because they were deemed too graphic/disturbing.

You’ve been warned. The following are the photos that were omitted. To read the entire article click here.

10. Bamboo Worms — Bangkok, Thailand

9. Boiled Duck Head — Shanghai, China

8. Rooster Testicle Soup — Taipei, Taiwan

7. Crickets — Bangkok, Thailand

6. BBQ Dog — Sapa, Vietnam; Yunnan province, China

5. Scorpions — Bangkok, Thailand

4. Bull Penis — Tokyo, Japan; Beijing, China

3. Tarantulas — Kampong Thom, Cambodia

2. Balut (Duck Fetus) — Manila, Philippines

1. Nakji (Live Octopus) — Incheon, South Korea





Bamboo worms
BBQ dog
Balut (duck fetus)
Nakji (live octopus)

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