Google Users Turn Elsewhere to Avoid Headaches

Using Google these past three weeks has been damn right hellish. Even with a VPN (virtual private network) on, Google Chat periodically kicks out. Running undistinguishable searches at my office (where there is no VPN) has ultimately led me to the oh so vexing “can’t-open-page” screen. It’s not like I’m searching for “corrupting” info about flower-related strolls here. But, nonetheless, Google is obviously being intentionally slowed down, despite official consensus.

So how are people cooping with the tightening of restrictions? Many are turning to other search engines and email providers, such as Yahoo and Hotmail. I find myself using Yahoo more and more these days to prevent unsolicited aneurysms and, dutifully so, get basic work done.

If things follow precedented paths, then the Google slow down might be here to stay. For a detailed look at the inner workings of just how and why Gmail is being tampered with, an excellent and detailed article from Al Jazeera’s Melissa Chan is where you should turn.

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