Kim Jong Il leaves behind tears, questions and Korean Godzilla (VIDEO)

Hamburger inventor, film aficionado and golf all-star Kim Jong Il died last Saturday of heart complications from “overwork,” said state media. The death of the Dear Leader — said to have begun his life under the halo of a double rainbow that simultaneously brought about spring, according to North Korean official history — left citizens of Pyongyang today in uncontrollable tears, as shown by CNN.

OK, it’s all a bit farfetched (to an outsider). But what makes Kim’s life so magnetizing was that the outlandish pantomime constructed by the state media about him was nearly as sensational as his actual life, which follows a narrative of excess and palatial pleasures.

Passionate about a range of movies (mostly from the “US imperialists”), he is reported to have a collection of over 20,000 videos. He even became an author on the subject and made his work a mandatory text for any student of film in the country. So obsessed (and perhaps forlorn) was he, that, when confronted with growing disinterest in his country’s adherence to work for the People, he decided North Korea needed to showcase it’s film industry to the world. This would ultimately mean kidnapping a Japanese film maker and forcing him to create a budget rip-off of Godzilla.

So while the world wonders, “What’s next?” I offer you one of Kim’s greatest contributions. Enjoy.

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