Anti-coup movement

An anti-coup movement gathered today at 6pm in front of Siam Paragon, Bangkok. The protesters were dawned in black clothing to signify the death of democracy.

The ”19 September Network against Coup d’etat” is led by social activist combat Boonngarm-anong and Chulalongkorn University political science lecturer Giles Ungpakorn. The organization made several demands.

They demanded for the removal of all military personnel in Bangkok, the restoration of the 1997 constitution, and the acknowledgment of the sanctity of basic human rights.

When asked if more rallies would be held Ungpakorn said, “This is only the beginning.” Thaksin abused his power but “democracy must be upheld.”

The organization does not support Thaksin but is strongly opposed to the actions on September 19 and believes it is “clearly an act of dictatorship.”

When asked if the students feared for their safety they provided little concern toward the military.

“I will let them arrest me,” said one Chulalongkorn student.

With hightened military presence in the nearby vicinity, Ungpakorn and the 20 other protestors stood difiant dispite the danger.

“Our only fear is that democracy is being murdered,” said Ungpakorn.

A statement was issued for all those in support of democracy to wear black clothing and armbands.

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