Kindergarten Commando

The gate to more disciplined education
The gate to more disciplined education

Fall in soldiers! Give me twenty — and while you’re at it, bring me those crayons.

No. These tiny tots in fatigues aren’t gearing up for the front line (yet). “Nanjing Experimental Military Playground in Shanghai” is a kindergarten located on Julu Road that aims at disciplining all those punks you’ve been hearing about who have skipped one too many piano lessons.

One night about a month ago, I passed by this school and a red banner was unfurled over the entrance that stated “I definitely want to join the army!”

Apparently “Knowledge is Power” was taken.

Kids have got to be pretty rotten to be eligible for this kind of premature punishment, right? Well, not really.

A worried parent looking for information about the school on wrote that her four-and-a-half-year-old son is “very naughty” and that “his teacher says he’s a fussy eater.” Furthermore, “when it comes time for him to play [in school] programs, he is too nervous to act.”

Too bad Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t catch ear of this place before he ended his business trip in Shanghai last month. A cameo might have put the kind of fear into them that only a politician can muster.

Tiny troops
Tiny troops

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