Discovering the ‘other’ Bali in Ubud

A bastion of alluring art and drama, Ubud is Bali's cultural epicenter and gateway to the island's enchanting heartland, where village streets are stitched together by temple after temple of a syncretic religion overlaid with as many unique characteristics as the Balinese themselves. This is the 'other' Bali. While conversations about the island tend to arouse …

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Green vs. a spendthrift shade: analyzing the eco-resort trend

Let's serve up a hypothetical situation: While out grocery shopping, you see a sizable person trying to shuffle his/her way down a cramped frozen food aisle. There after, you take a second look at the gallon of double dutch ice cream (with extra marshmallows) in your hand, and then a cursory look at the calories …

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Jakarta’s Eco-village, Pulau Macan

It's a balmy afternoon on a sun-drenched island in the world's largest archipelago, Indonesia. And as island life goes here, things are quiet. The only sounds that interrupt the peaceful swash of the turquoise tide are the crinkling of palm fronds in the wind and the occasional over-sized lizard tap dancing in the brush. At …

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